At Home: Jade’s Potato Gnocchi

Bre Parkes Recipes

My partners step-grandma Jade, Croatian born now spends each year between Los Angeles, Croatia, Cruise Ships & Adelaide. She is the Gnocchi, Goulash & Strudel Queen.

Her hot tip to making Potato Gnocchi: old dirty potatoes, buy them months before you’re ready to make them. The dryer the potato the better.

Jade’s Gnocchi How-To’s:

  • Approx 2 potatoes per person.
  • Boil potatoes with their jackets on.
  • Once boiled, peel off skins.
  • Using a potato ricer, squash them all.
  • Depending on the amount your making, 1 – 2 eggs, glug of olive oil & healthy pinch of salt.
  • Work in part semolina, part plain flour until it comes to a “not wet” consistency.
  • Roll into “sausage” logs & cut into 1.5 – 2cm lengths.
  • After cutting, have them separated on either baking trays or wooden boards.
  • Using the back of a grater or gnocchi paddle use your thumbs to roll the gnocchi over.
  • In batches drop into boiling water.
  • Once the gnocchi rise to the surface & “do a little shimmy” on the boiling water scoop out and serve with goulash, red sauce or burnt butter & sage.

So, buy your potatoes now folks & they’ll be ready for your winter gnocchi adventures!