Catering FAQs

If you have any questions please see below, if they aren't answered there – please don't hesitate in sending me an email.

How do we know what time you will deliver our Platter Box?

During the booking process you will be asked to provide as much information as possible, I send a text message when I am approximately half an hour away. Please make sure someone is at the location to accept the platter otherwise – I can't deliver!

What’s the use by on the Platter Boxes?

Each delivery box is dated with the time it was prepared & delivered to you. If you plan on consuming as soon as I have delivered you have up to 4 hours. If you plan on having the platter later, you must pop it in a refridgerator & consume within 12 hours.

What happens with the clean up of the Grazing Table?

Ok so, I have two options for you:
Option A: I leave a crate & bubble wrap. Simply remove the serveware, rinse off, dry & bubblewrap. Then we arrange a time for me to pick-up during the following week when convenient for you.
Option B: For an additional fee I can return 2 – 4 hours later & collect the serveware & pack-down for you.

What happens if we break or loose serveware from our Grazing Table?

I understand, these things happen! Once I have completed setting-up the Grazing Table I will give you a couple of forms. One of those is an inventory sheet of all serveware used on the Grazing Table, any serveware or cutlery misplaced or broken you will be sent an invoice for the goods.

How do we know what’s on our Grazing Table?

I utilise Grazing Table tags & label all items where appropriate. All cheeses, accompaniments, dips & charcuterie will identify the name, where it is made & a description of the item. Once I have completed setting-up the Grazing Table I will give you a couple of forms, one of these forms lists every item on your table. If there are any allergies or dietary requirements for your booking these are taken during the booking process.